Bandsaw Blades

Hakansson Bandsaw Blade

Our M42 Bi-Metal blades are made of to quality high speed cobalt M-42 steel, which is very suitable for cutting hard materials such as stainless steel, monel, nickel, inconel and others.


metal-01-allpowerAn all-round blade suitable for different cutting methods in most materials such as; Tool steel, graphite, aluminum and stainless steel.
Positive cutting angle of the teeth 2/3, 3/4, 4/6 and 5/8.
Tooth profile: PFV
Tooth pitch 6/10, 8/12 and 10/14 have a straight cutting angel (0 degrees). Tooth profile: FV

Allpower® (PDF)


metal-02-powermaxUnique tooth profile specially developed for pipes, beams tubes and profiles. The reinforced tooth works very well when bundle cutting.
Reduced vibration, less noise and improved blade life.
Tooth profile: PXV

PowerMax™ (PDF)


metal-03-commanderSpecially designed tooth profile with improved chip flow and increased cutting speed. Designed for production cutting of solid difficult to cut materials.
Tooth profile: PCV II

Commander™ (PDF)


metal-04-optimizerProduction cutting of large solid pieces of tool steel stainless steel, hastelloy, titanium and cobalt-based materials.
Tooth profile straight pitch: PO
Variable pitch: POV

Optimizer™ (PDF)


metal-05-optimizerxHigh quality Bi-metal blade in powder metal, for difficult to cut materials.
Higher wear and heat resistance and longer life time.
Tooth profile: PO, PVF

OptimizerX™ (PDF)

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